Tapenade Story

We believe that the ‘tapenade story’ demonstrates our unique commitment to individualized customer service that cannot be found at any other supermarket.

At the end of one of our busiest days, just before Christmas, our deli manager had finished her very long shift, and was exhaustedly shopping for her own groceries to feed her extended family on Christmas day. While she was at the fridge, she overheard a distraught customer on the phone with his wife, explaining that there was no olive tapenade left on the shelf. The customer’s wife was obviously not happy upon hearing this news, and the customer got off the phone clearly distressed and looking for an alternative. It was at this point that our deli manager approached the customer and offered to go into the deli and whip up a fresh batch of olive tapenade to take home to his wife.

This anecdote is just one example of the great lengths we go to here at Chris’s IGA to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met.

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